Aerial Roof Inspections

AerialPixls offer a variety of drones for Ultra High Resolution (4K) video & 16mp still images for roof inspection and structural survey work.

Roof inspection by drone allows you to survey all the hard to reach places at height and inspect your roof for:

  • Loose, damaged and broken tiles or slates
  • Build up of moss on tiles or slates and in guttering
  • Condition of previous repairs
  • Damage after storms and extreme weather conditions
  • High and hard to reach exterior and interior walls


First Person Viewing

We offer clients the ability to view roof inspections using our VR Headset which links directly with our drone as it flies. Or we can set up an HD viewing station for two or more clients...


All Weather Flying...

We have the ability to flyer our drones in wet weather conditions with winds up to 30mph as well as in temperatures a low as 5°C.