Processing Drone Images with your iPhone 7+

One part of the job that clients don't normally get to see is the work we do on images or the editing that is done on video footage. It's a part of the job that remains tucked away for after we have been on location. 

Usually the images are brought back to the studio and downloaded as well as being backed up. However it has always been a dream of mine to simplify the process and work on the images in the field. It's not suitable for a lot of jobs but in some situations like the shoot we did at the riverside the other day, It's perfect. 


If we can save time and get work done whilst on location, then not only is it beneficial for our clients but it  also more profitable.
Take the image above for example. It was shot using DJI Phantom 4 Professional which is the latest drone in our fleet. The camera on this drone is stunning to say the least and it gives us the ability to shoot RAW DNG files which can then be downloaded directly to either my iPhone 7+ or my iPad Pro. I can then use Adobe Lightroom Mobile or Google's Snapseed app and process the images in the most amazing ways to retain Highlight detail and bring up the shadows etc etc. The images are then exported to the camera roll and can be directly uploaded to our SmugMug account ready for clients to review and purchase. This is all done within minutes of landing the drone.
It's not suitable for every shoot, but for the likes of  Real Estate, Aerial Surveys and Social Media Shoots. It means we can keep things very cost effective for our clients whilst still remaining profitable. It also means we can fit more shoots into the working day. A Win Win for everyone!