A Beach in Crisis

Normally I would share a link to our Vimeo gallery of videos. But today I thought I would embed the Facebook page for our latest short film. 7 months in the making this film is close to my heart because I have lived in Prestwick most of my life and a good chunk of my childhood is filled with memories of days down the beach with my parents and now with my own family. 

We only stay a very short walk from the shore front, so when in 2013 we moved back to Prestwick from Ayr. I was shocked and saddened to see the state it has gotten into over the past decade.

Upon reading the Friends Of Prestwick Seafront's regular reports in the council's apathy towards our local sands or lack of... I was inspired to join forces with the people behind the Facebook page and create a short film to highlight the issue. and holy smokes! Boy, did it get a lot of views? In fact, it is the most we have ever had for any of our short films. Currently, 26000 + views and we were interviewed by or local radio station West FM over the viral nature of the video. Enjoy! 

Photo by Stu