I’m Loving The iPad Pro 🤓


I bought into using the iPad about a month after they were released in 2010 and I instantly knew that within a few years I would be using it out in the field for client work.

It’s now 2017, so it took me a few more years to start using it as part of my workflow. Since 2014 we have been shooting video and by 2016, 80% of what we were doing was video with the other 20% being still images.

So, when did the iPad Pro become useful?
Well, on the still image side of the things, it wasn’t until Adobe launched the Lightroom Mobile a year or so ago and then have it “morph” into Lightroom CC a couple of weeks ago, that processing images via the iPad Pro became shall we say doable!

I can now upload images directly via the Apple card reader onto the iPad and sort through them and have them pinged over to my MacBook which in turn backs them up to Dropbox. This is only possible because both Adobe and Apple can handle the Sony (.ARW) RAW image files, which means when if I choose to process an image on the iPad it is actually the original RAW image. 🤪

Now, I share all of my “Picked” collections from Adobe Lightroom Classic onto Lightroom CC mobile app and if I am working directly from the iPad I will share the “Full Shoot” of images back the other way and I only switch that collection off and use the “Picks” collection once the images are picked and backed up to Dropbox as well as my LaCie Rugged hard-drive. I can also send processed images directly to Dropbox and then have them cross posted to my SmugMug account for clients to either buy or download.

It was 2014 when Adobe launched “Lightroom Mobile” for IOS and it wasn’t until around July 2016 that they added the ability to process RAW image files although this was initially geared towards Adobe’s own (.dng) which in my opinion is very much an underrated format. So, from 2016 until September 2017 I used Lightroom to manage our aerial images and also (.dng) images shot with the iPhone 7 Plus.
Now, everything is fair game and I love having the ability to drop my iPad Pro into my camera bag and I am good to go!
What about video?
Well, around a month or so ago I was having real issues processing 4K footage in Adobe Premier Pro. I am guessing it had something to with my MacBook Pro upgrading to the latest version of their Mac OS “High Sierra”.  It was at this point whilst I Googled for an answer that I came across Luma Touch which is a fully featured video editor.  


Dalduff Farmhouse


Dalduff Farmhouse


We had the pleasure of scanning the farmhouse at the fabulous Dalduff barn wedding venue that's just outside Crosshill village near Maybole. During the wedding season the family vacate the house into a lovely wooden lodge on the grounds of the farm. Then "brides and grooms" have full run of the farmhouse for their wedding day and first night as a married couple. 

But, in the off season, Jeny and her family have to always have to be ready to show people around the property when they have prospective clients potentially booking their wedding. Now, couples can view the farmhouse anytime and this gives the family a much needed break during the winter months.

Having attended a wedding myself in April. It is a wonderful place to celebrate a very special day with family and friends.