Stuart & Jim

Stuart & Jim

His style and approach is dynamic, flexible, relaxed, and friendly. Stuart's greatest talents are the ability to see the best in people and his timing…. He has great timing!

Stuart is married to the lovely Gillian and we have two sons aged age 7 and 19.  Jim has been married to his wonderful wife Jenny for over 25 years and they live with their cats Bhindi & Sari in Hollybush just outside Ayr.

We bring over 25 years experience and professionalism to our photography and video business and we deliver a wide range of services suited to small, medium and large establishments within Ayrshire and throughout the United Kingdom.

We regularly shoot the following disciplines:

Residential & Commercial Property Interiors, Exteriors, Products, Farming, Roof Inspections, Wind Turbine Inspections, Social Media Productions. 

Tell us what you need, what your budget is, when you need it, and I will always give you my very best work whether you are a Estate Agent, Structural Surveyor, Airbnb host, or CEO of a multi-national corporation.

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Welcome to AerialPixls.

We are Jim & Stuart and are full-time professional photographers & filmmakers based in Ayr and Hollybush, South Ayrshire. We specialise in aerial stills and video as well as the more ground based photography, video, and our latest service 3D VR Tours.

We are lucky enough to have had careers spanning many decades. Stuart started out in the early 90's as a photojournalist for Scottish and English newspapers, including the Ayrshire Post, Daily Record, Glasgow Evening Times, The Herald and Derby Evening Telegraph. Whilst Jim has spent more years than he cares to mention as an engineer and mechanic at Ferguslea Engineering and brings a wide ranging knowledge of mechanical engineering, electronics to the business. Now retired from his job as a mechanic and MOT inspector, Jim works as our primary drone pilot and also backs Stuart up as a camera operator and first assistant on video and stills shoots. 

Stuarts career has been wide and varied which is reflected in his comprehensive portfolio of imagery. He has covered a wide range of photo related disciplines including commercial, lifestyle, portraits, editorial and sports. He now specialises in aerial filming, 3D VR Tours and lighting on location as well as still keeping his hand in the cookie jar when its comes to compositing and editing video.